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       Wuxi Puruida Laboratory Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specializing in the modernization of the laboratory industry, including the overall planning and design, fine materials, meticulous production, precision installation and perfect after-sales service as a whole is an integrated laboratory solutions provider. The combination of Chinese and Western companies respected management style, the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment, combined with the requirements of the 21st century laboratory, developed a series of sync with the national high-tech laboratory equipment. Products include: All wood, Steel, aluminum wood, steel structures, such as test-bed (laboratory furniture), Fume Hood, medicine cabinets, utensils, counters, space platforms...

Engineering Example
  Pre service
  Detailed understanding of the needs, provide reasonable recommendations, laboratory furniture experience for the museum experience
  Sale service
  Site survey, rapid design, door-to-door and installation
  After-sale service
  Professional after-sales team in a timely manner to respond to the warranty for two years, on-site service lifelong maintenance
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